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Adults Size
Quarter Length.

“Pania” is a beautiful collision of colour. Capturing the richness in the purples hues seldom  seen at dusk. Collaborating a harmonic balance with matching combination rope ties hand plaited in purple, black white, coupled with its purple feathered off ends.

This cloak and all of the Taonga you find advertised here can be made to fit any size, too suit any body shape. 

All Taonga are fully lined and finished with poplin detail.

The feathers used are locally sourced from a reputable supplier, and of a high grade quality. 

The taniko pattern applied is the  ‘Patiki’ it represents the ‘Flounder’. It’s form is symbolic of abundance and blessings by bestowing hospitable good luck and prosperity. The band is woven from top quality NZ wool and also locally sourced.

If you would like too order this design is in a different size, please contact me directly 021361173 and place your order.

Kuia and Korowai have got you covered! 

No body is too big or too small!

‘Pania’ Adults Size Quarter Length

PriceFrom $199.00
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