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The ‘Tūī’ kahu design is a contemporary representation of our melodic Tūī manu/ bird. (Advertised as an Adults 2XL Size Full Length).

A large, dark nectar feeder and native to Aōtearoa/ New Zealand. Distinguished by the two curled white feather tufts (referred too as “poi”) which are visible on the throat. Their black tail and wing feathers shimmer and shine in an iridescence of blues, purples, and green colours, their torso often covered in blues or green plumage.

The Tūī emits a variation of melodious notes intermixed with clicks, distinct loud coughs, croaks, grunts, and wheezes when in song. There is a ethereal dimension to the spellbinding effect of its uniquely harmonic voice. The range of dialect in Tūī song and vocabulary is distinctly different throughout each region.

The Tūī is believed to hold a spiritual link to ‘Te Rerenga Wairua’ (‘The Leaping Place of Spitits’) and is revered as a special tohu/ sign, signifying a connection to the spiritual realm for many Māori people.

‘Tūī’ Adults Sizes

PriceFrom $499.00
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