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‘Whaiāipo’ when translated means,

‘To be in love’.

What is it like to be in love?

Love conveys a sense of security, infatuation, happiness, excitement and nervousness, attraction, passion and lust.

Falling in love with someone sends hormones racing with intense feelings of infatuation and exhilaration.

When you’re around the person you love, increases in dopamine and norepinephrine leading to feelings of ultimate pleasure, pure giddiness, nervous excitement, and an endearing


If you can’t stop thinking about them even when you’re apart, you’re most likely enjoying that agonizing bliss of being in love!

That’s what it is like to be in love,


Important Note (regarding lining choice):

If you are wanting the white lining with the white linen detailing, it is worth bearing in mind that the kahu/cloak can not be washed out. So every stain or marking too occur upon the light coloured surface is likely leave a permanent mark.

For instance… the odd makeup smudge, lipstick, wine spills, scuff marks, and any other mishap will remain forever.

Too avoid this unfortunate anomaly…

I would suggest choosing the black lining and linen detailing, if you are concerned at all. (Photo attached for ease of reference: Please find photos attached of a 1/2 length Whaiāipo, with reference too the black linen finish for you to consider, if needed).

The feathers used in this design are a combination of white rooster feathers and emu feathers.

The White and Gold threaded taniko band pattern applied is of the ‘Patiki’.

It represents the ‘Flounder’. It’s form is symbolic of abundance and blessings by bestowing hospitable good luck and prosperity.

The band is woven from top quality NZ wool and Gold thread and is locally sourced.

All of the designs you see advertised on my website can be made in any length and too any width.

Please call me directly 021361173 if you should require any personal assistance.m

‘Whaiāipo’ Adults Sizes

PriceFrom $339.00
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