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Contemporary Maori Designs,

Where you’ll find a great selection of fully lined, top quality, real feather cloaks at competitive prices.

Inspired by the timeless beauty of traditional korowai (kahu hururu) but designed with contemporary modern day flair.


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Feathered cloaks

Our aim is to keep prices affordable, and inspire our customers

to be the best version of themselves to be confident in their  own skin... 

And of course...

To look good

& feel great!


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Where you will find the ultimate compliment for that special person in your life.

The ultimate statement of pride and honour

for the intended recipient.


Top quality contemporary feather cloaks designs.

Inspired by the beauty of traditional korowai (kahu huruhuru), each garment has been lovingly designed with the utmost care, respect and dignity, carefully machine sewn and gently put together especially by the hand of a NZ Kuia.

Each one delicately created too perfection, 

treated as if it were one of our mokopuna.

With every ounce of care and respect given too each

Taonga from its point of conception,

Right the way throughout its very blessed journey,

Your taonga is given the respect from the get go!

Our journeys are blessed in so many ways,


We walk with Angels.


Kuia Jinny Thomas 

Is a dedicated Grandmother

Artist and Designer of

Top quality contemporary

NZ made ‘korowai inspired’ feather cloaks.

Her motto is...

"No body is too big or too small! "


Kuia & Korowai - Contemporary Māori Designs start from $69...

•Stillborn Angel Cloaks

•Newborn Baby Cloaks

•Kiddies Full Cloaks

•Kiddies 1/2 Cloaks

•Kiddies 1/4 Cloaks

•Adults Full Cloaks

•Adults 1/2 Cloaks

•Adults 1/4 Cloaks


Honouring any occasion with...

•Wedding Cloaks

•Unveiling Cloaks

•Memorial Cloaks

•Tangihana Cloaks

•Graduation Cloaks

•Celebration Capelets

•Wall Display Cloaks


Talk to me more about...

•Artist Collaboration Cloaks

•Heritage Cloaks

•Scottish Clan Cloaks

•Whanau Inspired Taonga 

•Your Own Special Taonga 


Any style

Any design

Any size

Any occasion covered!

 Kapa haka groups, kohanga reo, pre-schools,

birthdays, unveilings, weddings, tangihana, graduations, awards, souvenir, personalised keepsake or as an heirloom 

Ready made designs or

Custom made to your own personalised size, colours &  design...


Kuia & Korowai have got you covered!

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